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Yesterday: +$1,900 7 Day: +$3,725 30 Day: +$9,025

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Dallas Campbell verified since 11/21/2008

Dallas Campbell has been a proven gamer for over 20 years. He studies all three pro leagues but college football and basketball are his specialty. He is typically the highest volume player; releasing between 6-8 plays per day in the busy seasons. He loves Dogs, and salivates over the Big 12 and SEC conference matchups. Dallas Campbell was born and raised in the "Volunteer State" of Tennessee. Dallas traveled west to Las Vegas in his early twenties to pursue the lucrative job opportunities of Las Vegas and to try his hand as a professional poker player. After several years and many missed opportunities, Dallas had to consider finding a dependable secure paying job. Dallas made several connections within the sports handicapping industry during his long hours spent in front of the poker table, but no one was more influential than Lenny Bruce. Lenny Bruce and Dallas instantly hit it off due to their similar interests and age. Lenny Bruce recognized the passion Dallas had for sports betting and his vast knowledge of teams at almost any level. Recognizing this passion, Lenny knew he would be a great asset and began to mentor Dallas in the sports gaming industry and teaching him the tricks of the trade. With the natural abilities of Dallas to forecast lines and spot favorable line margins, he has become a perfect compliment to the professional team of 411Tilt and a trusted confidant to Lenny Bruce. Team up with Dallas Campbell this year and experience the natural talents of a true sports professional.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
11/18/2018 Dallas vs Atlanta Under 50 (-110) Win +$500
11/18/2018 Denver vs Los Angeles Under 46.5 (-105) Win +$500
11/18/2018 Houston vs Washington Houston -3 (-110) Loss -$550
11/18/2018 Indiana vs Arkansas Indiana -3.5 (-110) Loss -$550
11/18/2018 Memphis vs Minnesota Under 211 (-110) Win +$500
11/18/2018 Tennessee vs Indianapolis Indianapolis -1.5 (-110) Win +$500
11/18/2018 UCF vs Western Kentucky UCF -1.5 (-105) Win +$500
11/18/2018 Wake Forest vs Valparaiso Wake Forest +1 (-110) Win +$500

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