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Carmine Luzetti

Yesterday: +$0 7 Day: +$125 30 Day: +$12,220

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Carmine Luzetti verified since 9/4/2014

I've been selling my sports investing tips for over 10 years. I never dreamed of providing such valuable information but considering my background as a financial advisor, it was a seamless transition. It was early on in my career when I realized that the books can be beat with the right information. When you understand the complexity of sports odds and how they are released you can break down the line for a better understanding of its value. I will never make selections on every game on the board but just a small volume of games I feel can be exploited.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 1-1 (50%), +$0 691-506 (58%), +$68,185
MLB 1-1 (50%), +$0 187-134 (58%), +$21,200
NCAAF 92-79 (54%), +$2,950
NBA 203-182 (53%), +$410
NCAAB 209-111 (65%), +$43,625

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