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Stanley Baker Yesterday: -$595 7 Day: -$3,900 30 Day: +$5,925

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Stanley Baker verified since 4/3/2016

The most commonly asked question I receive regarding my profession, why share your advice. Any person that has experienced the ups and downs of sports betting, or any career for that matter, received guidance at some point in their career. After 15 years I have reached the pinnacle of handicapping joining the staff at ATS Experts and my advice has become a very powerful tool that I know can help you become successful as well. MLB betting is for smart investors. Basketball lines are tight and football is the most heavily bet sport in Vegas which means the majority of the betting public gets in on the action. MLB is the perfect opportunity for beginning bettors and experts due to the countless opportunities from April to November. Sharps know that the smart money is always eager for baseball season and the books fear it.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 1-2 (33%), -$595 137-95 (59%), +$16,455
MLB 1-2 (33%), -$595 137-95 (59%), +$16,455

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