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Yesterday: +$1,000 7 Day: +$745 30 Day: -$75

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Data-driven decision making. No guesswork, no assumptions, no hypothesis - my football predictions are made only after crunching and interpreting the available data. My career has spanned two decades in off-field sports analytics which has guided me to a career as a professional American football bettor. My job is to look at each individual game with odds and place value on the players, teams, and situations that would factor into the outcome. Your job is simple, follow my advice and I'll guide you to a profitable football season.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 2-0 (100%), +$1,000 161-115 (58%), +$16,860
NFL 0-0 (0%), +$0 60-38 (61%), +$8,645
NCAAF 2-0 (100%), +$1,000 101-77 (57%), +$8,215

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