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Yesterday: +$450 7 Day: +$5,105 30 Day: +$8,525

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Pat Nuke verified since 3/22/2014

I started out like many handicappers entering documented online handicapping contests over 7 years ago. When I first started experimenting with making sports picks I was a novice and would make picks on every game on the board. As I researched and followed other professionals, I realized I wasn't handicapping I was merely wasting my time. Once I learned how to apply statistics and trends to my decision making I turned the corner and realized that Vegas can be beaten. After many years of hard work and luck I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to guest handicap at Sports Investor Central. I am surrounded by some of the hardest working handicappers in the business and I feel that our staff works together to cover every angle. I will be working for you to advise you on MLB picks throughout the long season. MLB is one of the best sports to make money with a 7-8 month season and it provides many opportunities to profit at the end of the season. I look forward to your partnership and a successful MLB season.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 2-1 (67%), +$450 226-154 (59%), +$30,870
MLB 2-1 (67%), +$450 226-154 (59%), +$30,870

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