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Yesterday: -$1,125 7 Day: +$3,050 30 Day: +$9,025

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Micky "Bullzeye" Ferris verified since 7/23/2008

Sports are a way of life for many of us and for many of us we were not fortunate enough to have made it to the big time. I settled for the next best thing to continue my sports career, sports investing. I was introduced to the finer details of sports investing while in Europe. The Europeans are very passionate gamblers and love their futbol and American sports. I took my knowledge of American sports and applied it to my teachings which have provided me with a successful platform for investing wisely and beating the odds.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 0-2 (0%), -$1,125 486-344 (59%), +$53,950
NFL 0-0 (0%), +$0 74-41 (64%), +$14,625
NCAAF 0-0 (0%), +$0 62-54 (53%), +$1,350
NBA 0-1 (0%), -$575 125-113 (53%), +$325
NCAAB 0-1 (0%), -$550 225-136 (62%), +$37,650

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