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Luca Freaman verified since 8/21/2014

Documented Handicappers welcomes Luca Freaman to our NFL and NCAAF roster. Luca has been handicapping sports for the past 25 years and comes to our staff with betting knowledge and experience that will knock your socks off. When it comes to football betting there is rarely anything that can substitute experience and Luca has plenty of experience. Luca started out as an advisor to some of our staff members while operating his own independent service. Documented Handicappers provides a platform that is second to none when it comes to our global client base and it was a natural fit for Luca to provide his NFL and college football picks and not worry about daily operations of running a business. Less distractions for Luca equals more profits for our members.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
12/9/2019 New York vs Philadelphia New York +9.5 (-115) Win +$500
12/8/2019 Baltimore vs Buffalo Baltimore -6.5 (-110) Win +$500
12/8/2019 Baltimore vs Buffalo Under 44 (-105) Win +$500
12/8/2019 Cincinnati vs Cleveland Under 42 (-110) Loss -$550
12/8/2019 Denver vs Houston Denver +9 (-115) Win +$500
12/8/2019 Indianapolis vs Tampa Bay Indianapolis +3 (+100) Push +$0
12/8/2019 Kansas City vs New England Kansas City +3 (-105) Win +$500
12/8/2019 Kansas City vs New England Under 49 (-110) Win +$500
12/8/2019 Los Angeles vs Jacksonville Under 43 (-105) Loss -$525
12/8/2019 Pittsburgh vs Arizona Arizona +2 (-115) Loss -$575
12/8/2019 San Francisco vs New Orleans San Francisco +2 (-110) Win +$500
12/8/2019 Tennessee vs Oakland Oakland +3 (-110) Loss -$550
12/5/2019 Dallas vs Chicago Over 43.5 (-115) Win +$500
12/5/2019 Dallas vs Chicago Dallas -3 (-125) Loss -$625

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