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Kris Saint verified since 8/24/2017

Professional NFL & NCAAF Handicapper since 2010 Professional Handicapping Services Provided: NFL & College Football Since 2010, it has become my goal to help clients around the world make a profit while legally wagering on the NFL and NCAAF. In order to win betting football, you need to find edges and capitalize on these angles. My job as your football advisor to hand you these games on a silver platter. My clients remain loyal because I enjoy the grind and doing the research to be able to provide you with the best information on this week's games. I advise all of my clients to make sure you have multiple sportsbook options available to use. All experienced sports bettors understand the importance of finding the book with the lowest juice. When you have the ability to compare odds and secure the best line, you are putting yourself in a position to profit over the course of a season. If you're someone who wants to take your football betting seriously and to the next level, then my service is for you. There are plenty of little things you can do make sure you collect the most money but one of the most important factors is having researched information at your fingertips. My NFL and college football picks will help you profit this football season, guaranteed!
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All 0-0 (0%), +$0 148-98 (60%), +$20,095
NFL 0-0 (0%), +$0 67-40 (63%), +$11,475
NCAAF 0-0 (0%), +$0 81-58 (58%), +$8,620

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