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Vincent King verified since 7/15/2012

Over 30 years of Handicapping Experience Founder, CEO of King Sports Picks

I'm proud to have built into one of the most reputable sports touting agencies online today. I have built this reputation with honesty and hard work, and putting together a team of touts that is second to none. The same principle that applies to any business also applies to betting on sports. There will be winning days and losing days, but as long as you win more than you lose you will always come out on top. In our many years of experience, we can guarantee the following four statements: there are no 'get-rich-quick' schemes. There are no 'locks'. And even the matchups with favorable margins will lose from time to time. You can't handicap turn-overs, poor performances and lucky breaks. And you will, unfortunately, have your losing days, but as long as you win more than you lose you will always come out on top.

Winning is still what it's all about. With hard work, discipline, money management, and a network of insiders, sports betting can be an exciting and profitable form of entertainment. Using these principles is how we make a living. So, how does King Sports Picks consistently for over 20 years? Simple - Team Effort. While most services or handicappers have one person making the picks for every sport, we have a team of expert handicappers that share information and trade secrets, thus allowing our team to aggregate valuable data that is used to bring down the house. I spend my days working side by side with some of the sharpest minds in this business. For the specialized experts who focus exclusively on each individual sport, the work and research never ends. And why do they work so hard? Because they have to as they do not get paid unless they win.

I welcome you to King Sports Picks and have you join me or any of the other King Sports Handicappers. If you are looking for more a more enjoyable and more profitable season this year, then give us a try - I know you and your bankroll won't be disappointed.

Sport Yesterday Season
All 2-4 (33%), -$1,375 751-512 (59%), +$104,785
MLB 0-3 (0%), -$1,850 21-11 (66%), +$4,505
NFL 0-0 (0%), +$0 46-33 (58%), +$4,870
NCAAF 0-0 (0%), +$0 66-59 (53%), +$620
NBA 2-0 (100%), +$1,000 127-113 (53%), +$930
NCAAB 0-0 (0%), +$0 257-146 (64%), +$48,195
NHL 0-1 (0%), -$525 234-150 (61%), +$45,665

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