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My experience in MLB handicapping spans more than a decade which included apprenticeships with some of the sharpest minds in sports betting. What started out as a "dream job" has become a reality after devoting years of dedication to my craft. MLB betting is a tremendous opportunity to make money and is often over looked by the casual bettor. NFL and college football can often be more exciting with such short seasons but in MLB there are countless opportunities each day for over seven months. MLB is a game of numbers. There is so much more to the game than just the moneyline, run line or the total line. Like many experience bettors, I establish odds on games I feel show an edge. I use my VD-5 betting system to determine five crucial factors in any particular game such as the amount of runs a team has scored over the past 5 games or how a pitcher throws vs a certain team and his percentage of swing and miss pitches. By factoring in a host of analysis you begin to create an edge over your book that will last an entire season. MLB is an exciting sport and I look forward to sharing my information with you in a winning MLB campaign.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
10/14/2019 St. Louis vs Washington Washington -125 Win +$500
10/12/2019 New York vs Houston New York +138 Win +$690
10/11/2019 Washington vs St. Louis Under 8 (-125) Win +$500
10/10/2019 Tampa Bay vs Houston Under 7 (+100) Push +$0
10/9/2019 Washington vs Los Angeles Over 7 (-115) Win +$500
10/8/2019 Houston vs Tampa Bay Over 7.5 (-105) Loss -$525

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