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Yesterday: -$650 7 Day: -$4,025 30 Day: +$11,465

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Val Wagner verified since 4/5/2015

Baseball is my passion. Many of us can remember the excitement as a kid going to a ball game and some of the best times growing up involved baseball. My passion is just as strong now but the focus has shifted to making money off the sport I love. MLB is a long season and as you all know it's a marathon and not a sprint. You may not be able to profit after the first month of the season but you can certainly lose a substantial portion of your bankroll by following the wrong advice. You must bet smart and know your limits. I request all my members have multiple sportsbooks at their disposal to shop the lowest vig. Sometimes in baseball the amount paid in vig can be the difference in a profitable season and a losing investment.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 1-2 (33%), -$650 242-174 (58%), +$26,515
MLB 1-2 (33%), -$650 242-174 (58%), +$26,515

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