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Tyler Samuels, AKA Jarhead, received his education from the US Marines. Tyler enlisted in the service when he was 18 and was stationed over seas for 3 years. Upon returning home after a 4 year stint in the Marines, Tyler was unable to land a secure career and found side jobs working on local dairy farms. It was very common for Tyler and other member of his platoon to play poker or gamble on just about anything possible to kill time. This was a way for Tyler to get extra money or smokes but it also helped him harness his competitive nature. Tyler now spends his free time, what very little he has, playing cards. Tyler admits that his life lessons learned in the service have helped his mind remain strong and the stress of looking for work in his early years reminds him of the drive to succeed. Tyler no longer has to look for work as he has found his niche sports handicapping. SIC is proud to employ Tyler and look for him to provide winning sports picks for all major sports.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 0-4 (0%), -$2,100 771-610 (56%), +$49,415
MLB 0-2 (0%), -$1,025 205-174 (54%), +$6,495
NFL 0-2 (0%), -$1,075 0-2 (0%), -$1,075
NCAAF 85-74 (53%), +$1,800
NBA 245-205 (54%), +$9,700
NCAAB 177-117 (60%), +$24,275
NHL 59-38 (61%), +$8,220

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