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Yesterday: +$1,125 7 Day: +$6,775 30 Day: +$10,575

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Taylor Gold verified since 3/21/2013

My professional training and experience comes from the financial world working with several online investment firms. A little over 8 years ago I began experimenting with online sports handicapping developing my own program to track results. This was exclusively for my benefit until I realized and understood the market for sports investors. I am thankful to have been given this opportunity with Documented Handicappers and I look forward to helping you gain from your sports investments.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 3-1 (75%), +$1,125 480-376 (56%), +$34,390
NFL 0-0 (0%), +$0 100-81 (55%), +$5,675
NBA 1-0 (100%), +$500 204-160 (56%), +$13,950
NHL 2-1 (67%), +$625 176-135 (57%), +$14,765

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