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Age: 27 & 30 Background: Between the two of us we've been working within the Industry for Over 15 Years with some of the Largest Bookmakers in Europe. Soccer is our passion and almost every waking minute is devoted to analysis, studying Market moves and watching games. Our Approach: Being former Traders, we still have access to a lot of software that allows us to analyze games thoroughly. We take into account Home/Away form, Similar opposition data, Player selection data, Weather analysis, along with much more which makes predicting games a lot easier. Biggest Win: Atletico Madrid to win La Liga (Spain) last season at +4000, and USA to qualify from their group in World Cup 2014 at +550 are just a few of our latest big winners. Favourite team to wager against: There's a myth that a new manager taking charge of his first game will be a positive thing and that a struggling team’s fortunes may be reversed, This is not the case and we have the data to back it up! We have multiple strategies like this one for different scenarios which help us in deliver the best quality Soccer Tips for our members. Team you avoid when wagering: England, patriotism always takes over, and their price is shorter than it should be due to patriotic fans backing their team to win. Systems used for handicapping: Simply put, we don't use any set system. It is important for us to analyse each match up and take it game by game. Thankfully the age of soccer stats is here, so having all this information at our finger tips makes the handicapping game easier than it once was. Play Ratings: We will use 4 different ratings for all games depending on how strongly we feel about the pick. We advise a flat stake for all our Bets that never exceeds 10% of your Total Betting bank, so If you have $1,000 to play with never bet over $100. Prices for our Picks will usually fall between the ranges of -180 up to +180. Quote: "Find the value and the winners find themselves."