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Yesterday: +$4,500 7 Day: +$9,225 30 Day: +$4,650

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Sal Limonti verified since 10/26/2016

Sal Limonti adheres to a very strict routine that enables him to maximize the potential of each betting day. In 2015, Sal went 179-135-20 (57%) in NBA and a 136-95 (59%) record against the spread in college basketball. "When you are submerged in sports on a daily basis, it's easy to find yourself caught up in the trends, analysis and stats like most of the general public. My success has come from using the human psychology element and creating a better understanding or feel for each team I handicap. It's my job to know exactly what is going on with the teams and players of each sport I handicap to provide a more well rounded understanding of how the odds play into the daily matchups". - Sal Limonti
Sport Yesterday Season
All 9-0 (100%), +$4,500 83-69 (55%), +$3,275
NBA 6-0 (100%), +$3,000 66-49 (57%), +$5,775
NCAAB 3-0 (100%), +$1,500 17-20 (46%), -$2,500

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