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Yesterday: -$225 7 Day: +$980 30 Day: +$11,440

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Most weekend warriors place bets on sports for fun and to provide a bit of excitement while watching the big game. Most squares won't employ logic to their picks but they are typically based upon the college they attended or home town team they support. If your goal is to have place a small wager and have fun then there is nothing wrong with this approach but if your mindset is to invest with a purpose and a goal then you have found the right advisor. Johnny Pham is a first generation Asian American who was raised by strict, disciplined parents that took a big risk moving to America for their children. Education, structure, discipline and respect were ingrained in Johnny from a young age and it was expected that Johnny succeed with his studies and professional life. Even though Johnny followed his own path to success he still holds true to his family values. Mathematics are the main component to sports betting. If your mathematical skills are weak you must fill the void by using software but you need understand the numbers involved with sports betting. I have been investing since I was a child. Investing to me is second nature and you must be smart with your money. Whether you are investing in stocks, real estate or sports picks you must research your investment from all angles. Betting on sports is a lot like investing in securities or purchasing shares of a stock like General Electric. You understand that your investment is about growing your finances over a set period of time. My approach to sports betting is the same as investing in stocks or mutual funds where there will be ebb and flow but in the end I will bring a very profitable return. If you're serious about sports investing as an alternative method to increasing your finances then I look forward to partnering with you and offering my services. My discipline and knowledge of sports betting is second to none and I am surrounded by some of the best sports investors in the world at You can guarantee our advice is backed by years of research and preparation.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
9/9/2019 Houston vs New Orleans Houston +7 (-125) Win +$500
9/8/2019 Atlanta vs Minnesota Atlanta +3.5 (-110) Loss -$550
9/8/2019 Buffalo vs New York Over 41.5 (-115) Loss -$575
9/8/2019 Cincinnati vs Seattle Under 44.5 (-110) Win +$500
9/8/2019 Detroit vs Arizona Over 46 (-110) Win +$500
9/8/2019 Indianapolis vs Los Angeles Under 45 (-110) Loss -$550
9/8/2019 New York vs Dallas Dallas -7.5 (-110) Win +$500
9/5/2019 Green Bay vs Chicago Green Bay +3 (+105) Win +$525
8/29/2019 Arizona vs Denver Denver -2 (-120) Win +$500
8/29/2019 Detroit vs Cleveland Over 33.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/29/2019 Los Angeles vs Houston Under 33 (-115) Win +$500
8/29/2019 Oakland vs Seattle Oakland +2.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/29/2019 Philadelphia vs New York Under 35 (-110) Win +$500
8/29/2019 Pittsburgh vs Carolina Pittsburgh -4 (-110) Loss -$550
8/29/2019 Tampa Bay vs Dallas Over 33.5 (-110) Loss -$550
8/25/2019 Pittsburgh vs Tennessee Under 40 (-110) Win +$500
8/24/2019 Arizona vs Minnesota Minnesota -6 (-110) Win +$500
8/24/2019 New Orleans vs New York New Orleans -3 (-120) Win +$500
8/24/2019 Seattle vs Los Angeles Under 40.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/22/2019 Carolina vs New England Over 42 (-110) Loss -$550
8/22/2019 Jacksonville vs Miami Under 37.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/22/2019 Washington vs Atlanta Washington -3 (+100) Win +$500
8/18/2019 Seattle vs Minnesota Minnesota -3 (-110) Win +$500
8/17/2019 Dallas vs Los Angeles Los Angeles +3 (-115) Loss -$575
8/17/2019 Detroit vs Houston Under 41 (-110) Loss -$550
8/15/2019 Cincinnati vs Washington Cincinnati +3 (-105) Win +$500
8/15/2019 Green Bay vs Baltimore Over 37 (-110) Win +$500
8/10/2019 Cincinnati vs Kansas City Over 36.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/10/2019 Los Angeles vs Oakland Oakland -5 (-105) Win +$500
8/9/2019 Minnesota vs New Orleans Minnesota +2.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/8/2019 Atlanta vs Miami Over 35.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/8/2019 Los Angeles vs Arizona Under 36.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/8/2019 New England vs Detroit New England -1 (-115) Win +$500
8/8/2019 New York vs New York New York +1.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/8/2019 Washington vs Cleveland Cleveland +1 (-110) Win +$500

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