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Yesterday: -$210 7 Day: +$3,040 30 Day: +$5,485

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Are you part of the 95% of sports enthusiast that loses money betting on sports every year? Most sports bettors lose because they simply don’t have any idea why they are betting on certain teams or whether or not the odds are in their favor. The beauty of sports betting is that the sports odds are set by humans and are not statistical odds stacked against you like with traditional table games. There are a lot of factors that go into originating the point spread, which I won’t bore you with at this time, all you need to know is that with sports betting there are a handful of games ever week where the odds ARE IN YOUR FAVOR. Stop betting on your favorite teams or betting on hunches, and let me show you a different way to enjoy sports betting. My strategy involves a unique combination of watching the line moves, team analysis, situational analysis, and interactive analysis. I combine this with my own natural instincts honed from watching a ton of games every season, softly gleaning which teams are over and under valued. A key component to my long term success is not locks or game of the year type of bullshit, it’s my understanding of odds and having the ability to dissect the board and limiting my action to games that my system shows a unique advantage over Vegas.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 1-1 (50%), -$210 618-455 (58%), +$60,580
MLB 1-1 (50%), -$210 169-132 (56%), +$12,555
NFL 2-2 (50%), -$125
NCAAF 87-64 (58%), +$8,050
NBA 179-144 (55%), +$11,900
NCAAB 181-113 (62%), +$28,200

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