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Greg Foster verified since 8/22/2011

Greg Foster was our first addition to NFL Football Handicappers due to his leadership and sports betting experience. Greg is well known by some of our founders and has been successfully handicapping football for 21 years. Greg is a gambler by nature and also enjoys horse betting and visiting casinos all over the world in his spare time when football is not in season. We look forward to offering Greg's services exclusively through NFL Football Handicappers.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
12/29/2019 Cleveland vs Cincinnati Cincinnati +3 (-115) Win +$500
12/29/2019 Green Bay vs Detroit Over 44 (-110) Loss -$550
12/29/2019 Los Angeles vs Kansas City Kansas City -10 (-115) Push +$0
12/29/2019 Pittsburgh vs Baltimore Under 36.5 (-110) Loss -$550

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