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Yesterday: +$1,065 7 Day: +$4,375 30 Day: +$16,980

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Craig Jennings verified since 5/24/2011

Sports expertise like none other - I've been handicapping for more than a decade and have had my picks documented with Verified Cappers for over 5 years and consistently won top honors at Since joining I have consistently been atop the MLB season leader board in total earnings. Betting on baseball is all about spotting underdogs that are undervalued (or favorites that are over valued). I've got a proven ability to find value in big underdog MLB picks, preaching a philosophy of betting $100 to win $150 on +150 MLB sides that have a 50/50 chance of winning. I believe if you bet MLB game with 50/50 odds at +125 ever day then you will consistently beat the books. MLB baseball can be very profitable, IF you know what to look for and excercise bankroll management. I have a proven method of betting the bases that I don't think can be matched. While I have handicapped all major sports in the past from football, basketball and baseball but try to stay focused on my true love betting on baseball. I have profited from MLB in 7 of the last 9 years and did not finish worse than 58% during this time. I'm happy to now have my picks available at and always looking for new member's to team up with my winning picks. Let me earn your trust this season and let's team up.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
8/14/2022 Los Angeles vs Kansas City Kansas City +1.5 (+133) Win +$665
8/14/2022 Milwaukee vs St. Louis Over 8 (-108) Win +$500
8/14/2022 Oakland vs Houston Houston -1.5 (-132) Win +$500
8/14/2022 Pittsburgh vs San Francisco San Francisco -1.5 (-120) Loss -$600
8/12/2022 Arizona vs Colorado Over 12 (-115) Loss -$575
8/12/2022 Milwaukee vs St. Louis St. Louis -1.5 (+131) Win +$655
8/12/2022 Minnesota vs Los Angeles Los Angeles +1.5 (-150) Loss -$750
8/12/2022 New York vs Boston Over 9 (-125) Loss -$625
8/11/2022 Baltimore vs Boston Over 10 (-114) Loss -$570
8/11/2022 Chicago vs Cincinnati Chicago +100 Win +$500
8/11/2022 Texas vs Houston Houston -1.5 (-128) Win +$500
8/10/2022 Chicago vs Kansas City Over 8.5 (-123) Win +$500
8/10/2022 Cincinnati vs New York New York -1.5 (-155) Win +$500
8/10/2022 San Francisco vs San Diego Over 8 (-120) Win +$500
8/10/2022 St. Louis vs Colorado Over 11 (-110) Win +$500
8/9/2022 Atlanta vs Boston Atlanta -1.5 (-113) Win +$500
8/9/2022 Pittsburgh vs Arizona Arizona -1.5 (+130) Win +$650
8/9/2022 San Francisco vs San Diego Under 7 (+100) Loss -$500
8/9/2022 St. Louis vs Colorado Colorado +1.5 (+105) Win +$525
8/8/2022 San Francisco vs San Diego Under 8 (-115) Win +$500
8/8/2022 Washington vs Chicago Chicago -1.5 (+100) Win +$500

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