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Yesterday: +$1,000 7 Day: +$4,175 30 Day: +$8,370

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Chris Murphy verified since 7/23/2008

With numerous independently documented winning seasons in NBA, NCAAB, NFL, NCAAF and MLB, Sports Investor Central has brought an offline handicapper to the online world. While Chris Murphy has never offered his services online in the past, SIC will welcome a strong customer following of his picks. Chris takes a situational approach by emphasizing on match ups and line movements. His enthusiasm is electric and he feels honored to be placed along side some of the industry greats. Be sure to check in daily with Chris so you can gain an advantage over the books!
Date Game Line Outcome Money
8/18/2018 Chicago vs Denver Over 42.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/18/2018 Cincinnati vs Dallas Over 42 (-105) Loss -$525
8/18/2018 Jacksonville vs Minnesota Over 40.5 (-115) Loss -$575
8/18/2018 Oakland vs Los Angeles Los Angeles +3 (-130) Win +$500
8/17/2018 Arizona vs New Orleans Over 42 (-110) Loss -$550
8/17/2018 Buffalo vs Cleveland Buffalo +3 (+100) Win +$500
8/17/2018 Kansas City vs Atlanta Kansas City -1 (-115) Win +$500
8/17/2018 New York vs Detroit New York +3 (+105) Win +$525
8/16/2018 New York vs Washington Under 38.5 (-115) Win +$500
8/16/2018 Philadelphia vs New England Under 42.5 (-110) Loss -$550

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