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Yesterday: -$125 7 Day: +$440 30 Day: +$6,265

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Chris Bale verified since 9/20/2008

I started sports handicapping when I was a Junior in college out of my apartment. My roomate was a Finance major and was very savy with numbers. I learned from him how to use previous stats and apply them to my analysis. This was all for fun until I realized that there is a legitamate market for my skills. The last 10 years I have been able to profit from my picks alone and have helped former college buddies do the same.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
10/14/2019 St. Louis vs New York St. Louis -125 Loss -$625
10/12/2019 Arizona vs Colorado Under 5.5 (-110) Win +$500
10/11/2019 New York vs Carolina Under 6 (-117) Loss -$585
10/10/2019 Anaheim vs Pittsburgh Over 5.5 (-120) Loss -$600
10/9/2019 Los Angeles vs Vancouver Vancouver -140 Win +$500
10/8/2019 Anaheim vs Detroit Anaheim -105 Win +$500

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