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Yesterday: +$2,950 7 Day: +$3,950 30 Day: +$8,695

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Tony Turner lives in Atlanta, GA where he was formally employed as a construction manager that focused on industrial buildings. When the construction industry was starting to take a hit a few years back, Tony turned his hobby into profit. Tony was always big into betting and starting make his friends and coworkers money by betting college football. Several years later he is a featured handicapping with NCAA Football Handicappers. Tony's management and organizational skills makes for a good fit with our staff and we look forward to a successful partnership.
Sport Yesterday Season
All 7-1 (88%), +$2,950 39-20 (66%), +$8,530
NCAAF 7-1 (88%), +$2,950 39-20 (66%), +$8,530

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