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Sams Wins (Peter Sams) Reviews

Pete Sams is a seasoned veteran of the gaming capital of the world Las Vegas, Nevada. Moved to Vegas in 1963 served in the Marines doing 2 tours in Nam from 1965-68. Returned to Vegas and worked as a shift boss in the black jack pit and retired from the casino industry as asst gaming manager in 1988. I then began what I loved the most sports betting and money management. Started the web site 10 years ago and over the years all of my clients that took my advice and only bet what I advised, are to this day loyal. Go to my web site and click on the (about us) and (testimonial) links and learn about my colorful past living in Vegas. Mob figures I respected played golf with and a movie extra in a very popular movie that many have enjoyed. Thank you for taking the time to review this and visit my site, register and if you want a Best Friend in this business, sports gambling, all clients get my cell number and many today are best friends and visit Vegas often, come to my home BBQ and have fun.