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Sam Martin began his professional handicapping career at the beginning of the 2009 football season. Armed with a background in statistics and probability, Sam quickly earned the nickname "The Whiz Kid" due to his ability to not only pick winners, but have the games play out exactly how he predicted. Sam immediately delivered results. Sam uses his unique mathematical understanding and combines statistics and probability with tried and true motivational factors to provide only the best sports wagering advice possible. While Sam understands the value of trends and systems, he rarely factors those elements in to his selections, and instead focuses on the matchups and statistical information. Football selections are usually released a few days prior to game day. Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey selections are released in the late morning, taking into account any applicable line moves, injury status changes, pitching changes, and weather updates that may not be available the night before. At the request of many customers, Sam changed his star-rating system in order to convey the strengths of his selections.