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Precision Picks Reviews

Ray Franklin verified since 12/3/2008

Team up with Ray Franklin and his highly motivated crew this season and experience a whole new way of sports wagering. With over a decade of setting the standard in the sports prognostication industry, Ray Franklin and his team know and understand sports, but more importantly know and understand wagering on sports. Let Ray and his team of sports professionals start working for you today. Bet smart everyday and bet with precision. Our experienced sports handicappers bring you the strongest plays of the day and provide consistent sports winners: NFL Picks, College Football Picks, NBA Picks, College Basketball Picks and Baseball Picks. Unlike casino style gaming odds, there are certain uncontrollable factors in sports betting, which can be taken advantage of if you arm yourself with the right tools and adopt a consistent and disciplined betting style. The PrecisionPicks.com methodology is based on this theory, and consistently provides the highest percentage plays.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
9/15/2018 Ball State vs Indiana Ball State +14.5 (-105) Loss -$525
9/15/2018 New Mexico vs New Mexico State New Mexico -3 (-115) Win +$500
9/15/2018 Tulane vs UAB Tulane -3.5 (-105) Loss -$525
9/15/2018 Vanderbilt vs Notre Dame Over 52 (-110) Loss -$550
9/13/2018 Boston College vs Wake Forest Over 56 (-105) Win +$500
9/8/2018 Iowa State vs Iowa Under 47 (-115) Win +$500
9/8/2018 Kentucky vs Florida Under 51 (-105) Win +$500
9/8/2018 Liberty vs Army Over 58 (-110) Loss -$550
9/8/2018 Maryland vs Bowling Green Over 66 (-110) Loss -$550
9/1/2018 Army vs Duke Over 46 (-110) Win +$500
9/1/2018 Boise State vs Troy Under 48 (-115) Loss -$575
9/1/2018 Michigan vs Notre Dame Michigan +1 (-115) Loss -$575
9/1/2018 Navy vs Hawaii Navy -10 (-110) Loss -$550
8/31/2018 San Diego State vs Stanford Under 49 (-115) Win +$500
8/31/2018 Western Kentucky vs Wisconsin Wisconsin -36.5 (-110) Loss -$550

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