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ProFootball.Expert is your source for NFL picks, analysis and information. We are not one of those gambling sites that screams at you about their "once in a lifetime game-of-the-week."

We believe in open and honest picks and accurate information. We try to keep our prices affordable.

In two years we have amassed an excellent record--our 2013 information is posted on this site and every pick from 2014 is also posted.

Do you want to see how we do week to week? Check our wrap-up once the games are in the book.

Transparent selections from one individual. We make only one set of picks.

We advertise by word-of-mouth and on Twitter and other traditional methods. We are not trying to scam anyone. We offer the best NFL picks at reasonable prices. Many other sites offer picks from $500-$800 a season.

No Text messages
No E-mails
No Tele-marketing
No "special three-game parlays" "once-in-a-lifetime-pick" "major release"

We pick every NFL game and give our opinion as to whether the game is playable.

Results from each week's picks are posted the following week.

We have nothing to hide

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