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Whether you play at Vegas, Sports Select betting games offered by Canada's provincial governments, or online at offshore books, Global Sports Markets has established a global presence by offering highly researched and calculated suggestions on different sporting events worldwide. We pick straight up money lines (ML), against the spread (ATS) covers, and over/under (O/U) totals.

The Global Sports Markets' (simulated) projections are an extrapolation of sports' results based on season scoring (for & against) and/or most relevant scoring statistics (while accounting for overall, home/away, and trend analysis) and may be viewed as lines just before the odds' makers adjust them to attract equal action on both sides (as well as factor in other contingencies, such as injuries); this sometimes give us potential outliers, and in extreme cases, black swans. In summary, all we are projecting is which team we may expect to win (the "WIN"), by what margin (the "DIFF"), and the combined score of both teams (the "SUM").

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