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About Booker’s Picks

Booker’s Picks launched in October of 2015, but the business plan had been many years in the making. We are long-time sports handicappers, who despite being sports enthusiasts, approach handicapping the same way a financial analyst approaches a potential security to trade. We do not consider our favorite teams, the most highly anticipated games of the day, or anything else. It is an emotionless process in our quest to consistently seek out winners.

We launched this service to provide both part-time players, as well as serious sports investors, an opportunity to play like a pro. We have put the time & research in to create a comprehensive two-stage approach to identifying our daily plays, which incorporates a technical screening of the opportunities, followed by a fundamental analysis of those games to determine which plays make our final cut.

First, we run all the games thru multiple computer-generated algorithms to identify potential discrepancies in the posted odds & what the actual odds should be based on past performance. We have variations of this for NFL, NCAA Football, NHL, NBA, NCAA Basketball, & MLB. We often refer to these algorithms as “filters”, because any game in any sport has to make it thru multiple filters before they even make it to the next phase of analysis.

Once we have a short list of games where we show a discrepancy in the available line, we examine factors such as injuries, team trends, psychological motivations, venue of game, etc to determine whether or not the play presents an advantage better than the line offered. That process either eliminates plays that made it thru the technical filters due to variables not considered by a computer, or it validates them & locks in our selections.

We continue to adjust and improve this process over time, but historically, it has been one that has consistently produced positive results for us. We do not ever use terms like “guarantee” or “lock”, because anyone who has any experience in this world knows that those simply do not exist. However, we can promise our clients the following:

  • Ease of use. You get access to the posted plays via username/password as soon as you purchase your membership. We post our daily plays before 5pm Eastern on weekdays & before 11am Eastern on Weekends & Holidays with early games.

  • Completely transparent results with all picks also monitored & verified at Handicapper’s Watchdog:

  • A defined Bankroll Management system (see the page on the menu bar). This is NOT a chase system, and we do not wildly fluctuate units played or unit value. This is a significant key to our success.

Finally, we ask that you please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback (good, bad, or otherwise) for us. We work hard to get a little better every day, and our goal is to make your passion for sports a profitable one!

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