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Our Sports Service model is very unique.  Any bettor who has dabbled in the sports service market before knows the whole perceived persona of the sports service salesmen is pretty much true.  Most of them are there to milk you for money and string you along for as long as possible.  The standard sports betting models, that thousands of handicappers are trying to push to the market, are all based on the same data.  Team and Player stats and some historical data.  All the models do is look at the same information but try to do it differently.  The problem is that Vegas uses these same variables when setting the line.  Vegas is examining the same variables and they will do it more extensively.  Models do work for weeks at a time, but there is an evitable stretch where it doesn't work.  The solitary venture into handicapping has been an overall flop for the most part.  Yes, there are guys who can beat it but even they are only picking at a 60% rate at best.  These guys are kind of savants and very rare.  If you have paid for sports picks like I have in the past you know this.


My sportsbetting model has a community handicapping format.  This community is presented with a sports betting questionairre where they are asked to make 4 selections and rank them worst to first.  I collect this information and then track patterns of public perceptions on the games.  I created an 18 pattern paradigm that outlines the community's position on any game.  As these patterns occur I track two very important variables.  I make note of which side of the distribution won - Weighted or Light,  and I make note of which average ranking position won the game - Higher or Lower.


This will be season #3 in the NFL for this model.  Last year was the first year I really accumulated enough data to record a decent amount of results.  After the season was over I added up the records of the 6 best patterns from that year.  Their cumulative record was 62 - 12 ATS.  I'll be the first one to say that had to be a fluke.  83% is outrageous especially over a vollume of 74 selections.  This year will be the first year that I have a solid gameplan going in.  I will simply look for these 6 patterns among the community info, when they arise I will know which variables to select given previous outcomes.


I've only been able to test this pattern recognition model on NFL bettors.  We will be looking to form a small NBA and CBB communities to start to see how it works there.  All the community will have to do is fill out a questionaire about that sport.  The questionaire consists of a pool of 6 - 10 games to choose from and then a betting card with four empty slots to be filled in.  We even run a free tournament where we give out cash prizes to the winner.  If interested you can email me at


All I ask you to do is track the picks that come out of my system, I promise you that no one else here is looking at he variables I am.  The whole solitary handicapping approach is dead.  You can't make money with it, especially with the crazy prices.  If someone sells you a selection for $25 then you better be betting $250 on the game.  If you aren't wagering 10x what you pay then you really can't win.  Where does a $25 or $50 bettor buy good information.  They can't afford it.  This product will be affordable by all sports bettors, and I won't sell it to anyone unless it has a grade of A+.  That's my promise.  If the information isn't A+ I don't want to sell it.


One sports bettor is a mismatch for any sports book, but a 1,000 sports bettors who aided in the selection together and all betting the same plays would have any sports book quaking in their boots.  Let's do it together.