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I’m a lifelong sports fan who has been betting on sports for approximately the past decade. I’m not going to give you some snow job about how I pick 60% winners. I don’t — and anyone who says they do is lying. But I’ve been picking around 54% for the past couple years, and have decided to share my picks with you.

My handicapping method uses a mixture of data modeling and traditional situational analysis. I don’t put much stock in trends (teams are “due,” bounce backs, etc.), as I’ve found that there is usually no statistical evidence to support them.

Just as important as knowing which team to bet is knowing how to bet, and I will try to share the insights I’ve learned over the years with you.

All the picks I share are things I’m betting myself. So if you win money taking my advice, I’m winning money as well. (And vice versa.) As a result, you know that you can count on my best work.

Remember that betting on sports should be fun. So don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose, don’t chase losers, and call it a night sooner rather than later. There are always games tomorrow.