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Welcome to

Home of the 1, 3 & 5 Unit winners! A place where you can get winning picks and only pay for what you need! We are unlike any other sports handicapping service out there today.

First, let me give you a little disclaimer. Just because we have low prices does not mean you are going to be sacrificed with crappy picks. All of our picks are top notch and some of the best that you will find. What we lack in price we make up in volume from our huge membership base. was founded by Keith Jackson in 1997. Keith was a sports junkie, he freely admits, that back in the early 90‘s bookies loved him, Las Vegas loved him. Keith would bet on every game on the board. Well after nearly 7 years straight of losing Keith had enough. Keith turned to one of his closest friends who for 14 1/2 years has been a head fund manager at a major investment firm across from where Keith worked on Wall Street.

Keith’s buddy does not care to reveal his face or name as he is a regular on the Las Vegas Strip and enjoys the luxury of flying below the radar as he is regularly betting $1000 to $5000 on his picks. For this purpose lets just refer to our good ole genius as “Joe”

Joe graduated from MIT, he is a math genius, a flat out numbers cruncher. Joe had developed a system that for 4 years back in the 90’s had made Joe over 500,000 betting on sports. This is a very complex system and algorithm that Joe had developed and refined over the course of 4 years.

In April of 1997, Keith and Joe formed 135 Picks.

Keith is no longer an action junkie and since Joe introduced him to a new way of betting and showed him how to make money consistently betting sports.

We are like no other company out there. Here are some benefits from using our company:

1. Instant Access to all of your picks
2. No need to call us to activate your account.
3. There are no recurring bills. Everything is a 1 day, 1 time purchase
4. Pay for only the picks that you want to buy
5. We have no salesman, simply follow our betting strategy below and you too will cash in!

What we offer:

*** 1, 3 and 5 Unit Picks

*** Instant Access to all of your picks
*** Pay for only what picks you want
*** Nobody will call or email you or try and sell you a better package
*** No recurring charges, everything purchase is for 1 day and 1 time.

How to bet our picks and be successful:

We have designed our plays into simple units of play. Each unit represents a strength of play. If you follow along our strategy you too will be a successful sports bettor!

Game of the Week: This is simply put our strongest play of the entire week. That is why we only have 1 per week. We only have 52 of these babies a year for a special reason. In 2013 our Games of the Week went a combined 41 of 52 for a nice 78.85%
Game of the Day: Our Game of the Day is just that, it’s our strongest game of the day. Granted our 5 Unit plays are awesome. We can only have 1 game of the day and Joe believes this is simply that. Our biggest game of the day.
5 Unit Picks: Our 5 Unit plays are one of our stronger plays that we offer with the exception of the Game of the Week and Game of the Day. There is a reason we only have 1-2 of these babies each day. As a general rule, we recommend that if your average bet is $100 per game, you should be betting $500 on our 5 unit plays. So if your betting $500 on average you should be betting $2500 on our 5 unit plays.

3 Unit Picks: Our 3 Unit plays are a great middle of the road play. The math is correct, the information is correct. These plays are really worth of a 5 Unit rating however circumstances keep them at a 3 Unit level. We recommend that if your average bet is $100 per game you should be betting $300 per game on these and if your average bet is $500 you should be wagering $1500 on these puppies.
1 Unit Picks: Let me start off by saying our 1 Unit plays are not your normal 1 Unit plays. These are not shitty computer generated picks. These are not coin flips. Our 1 unit picks are great picks. Don’t let the super low price fool you. These are not just any 1 Unit picks. These are top of the line winning picks. As a general rule, if your average bet is $100 per game then you want to be betting $100 on these plays and if your average is $500 then you want to be putting $500 on our 1 Unit plays.

If at any time you have any questions feel free at any time to give us a call or send us an email. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.