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Timothy Larkin Jr.

Yesterday: +$925 7 Day: -$815 30 Day: +$12,805

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Cashin' Tickets Reviews

Timothy Larkin Jr. verified since 3/11/2009

Timothy Larkin Jr. comes to Cashin Tickets by way of the financial world. With an MBA in Finance from Stanford University, "The Banker" is a formal Investment Strategist that worked on Wall Street. Tim found out first hand how difficult and stressful it is to be a strategist. With a long life ahead of him and a grim economical outlook, eight years ago Tim looked towards the booming business of sports investing. Tim comes from an educated white collar family that grew up off the coast of Oregon. Education always came first in the Larkin household and while Tim never got the opportunity to play organized sports, he was always an avid Bay area sports fan. Tim grew up watching the Oakland Raiders; the A’s and even the 49ers. In later years Tim’s interest began to shift from your average sports fan to a sincere interest in sports investing.

Tim began to dabble in sports investing in his late 20’s. He quickly realized the financial implications of winning. While his families support was not 100%, Tim’s education in finance began to provide him with returns. Tim learned early on how important it was to manage your finances or bankroll in sports betting. Tim’s wealth of knowledge stems from his insane appetite for reading. Tim began to school former college buddies and friends from back home with his success all of which eventually became his first members. Tim was able to develop his money management plan designed to optimize profit and use it to his advantage to feed the growing market of sports gamblers. After successfully showing a profit in eight straight years of sports handicapping, we are pleased with the addition of Timothy Larkin Jr.

Date Game Line Outcome Money
11/20/2017 Marquette vs Va. Commonwealth Marquette -3 (-105) Win +$500
11/20/2017 UNLV vs Rice UNLV -13.5 (-110) Win +$500
11/20/2017 Utah State vs Portland St. Portland St. +3.5 (-110) Win +$500
11/19/2017 Old Dominion vs Dayton Dayton +1 (-110) Loss -$550
11/17/2017 DePaul vs Illinois Illinois -7 (-110) Win +$500
11/16/2017 Boise St. vs UTEP Boise St. -4.5 (-103) Loss -$515
11/16/2017 Tulsa vs Western Michigan Western Michigan +2.5 (-110) Loss -$550
11/15/2017 BYU vs Princeton BYU +3.5 (-105) Win +$500
11/15/2017 Creighton vs Northwestern Northwestern -4 (-110) Loss -$550
11/14/2017 Kentucky vs Kansas Kentucky +2.5 (-115) Loss -$575
11/14/2017 Purdue vs Marquette Purdue -2 (-115) Win +$500
11/14/2017 Wright St. vs Miami (Ohio) Wright St. -2 (-115) Loss -$575
11/13/2017 Eastern Kentucky vs Mississippi Eastern Kentucky +15 (-110) Win +$500
11/13/2017 Vanderbilt vs Belmont Vanderbilt -4 (-106) Loss -$530
11/12/2017 Texas State vs Air Force Air Force -3.5 (-105) Win +$500
11/10/2017 Iowa St. vs Missouri Missouri -6.5 (-110) Win +$500
11/10/2017 Texas A&M vs West Virginia Texas A&M +7 (-105) Win +$500
11/10/2017 UNC Greensboro vs Virginia Virginia -16.5 (-110) Loss -$550

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