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David Lagos also known as "QuickSilver", a name given to him by Anthony Moretti for his flashy style and complete disregard for the cost of a good time. David Lagos is the son of an insurance salesman from sunny Arizona. David was taught the importance of persuasion through verbal communication from his father’s experience peddling insurance. David found this tool very valuable and was no stranger to the females from an early age. With over 300 days of sunshine per year in Arizona, David was lucky to focus much of his childhood playing baseball and football or any activity that allowed him to soak up the sunshine. Growing up in a household of Arizona Wildcats fans, David envied how athletes were treated and how they were placed on a high pedestal. David’s entire childhood was surrounded by sports and he wanted nothing more than to become a successful athlete.

Upon graduating high school, David accepted an offer to play football for a Division I school in the south. While David was an excellent quarterback in his own right he was more notorious for his desire to party. David was a highly touted football player with a thirst for the good life. David admits that more time was spent on the late night scene rather than on the football field. David ultimately became known as the go to man for any campus celebrations and with this level of fame followed the women. While David never actually fulfilled his dream of becoming a famous athlete, he left the South with a degree in Business Administration and four job offers before he was even awarded his diploma. David’s charismatic and charming personality won him over with many crowds and allowed him the opportunity enter the sports management field. David’s focus and career goal shifted to becoming a sports agent. David’s hard work and determination was not paying off quick enough and he soon began making weekend trips to Las Vegas to place bets on football, basketball and even baseball to help supplement his income and experience the night life in Vegas. It was during a trip to Las Vegas where David was introduced to the art of sports handicapping.

David soon picked up on the amount of money tourists and gamblers alike were losing to the books. David’s competitive nature kicked in and his focus began to shift more towards helping himself and others beat the books. After years of networking, researching and satisfying clients all over the globe, Cashin Tickets is proud to enlist the services of David Lagos, AKA "The Player". David’s desire for flash and cash is what drives him the most and there is no better place in the world to make money than in Las Vegas. A man with such a lifestyle was a born winner.

Date Game Line Outcome Money
4/22/2018 Miami vs Milwaukee Over 9.5 (+105) Loss -$500
4/22/2018 San Francisco vs Los Angeles Los Angeles +103 Loss -$500
4/22/2018 Toronto vs New York Over 8.5 (+105) Loss -$500
4/21/2018 Cincinnati vs St. Louis Over 8 (+104) Loss -$500
4/21/2018 New York vs Atlanta New York -135 Loss -$675
4/20/2018 Chicago vs Colorado Chicago -109 Win +$500
4/20/2018 Minnesota vs Tampa Bay Over 7.5 (-110) Win +$500
4/19/2018 Boston vs Los Angeles Over 8.5 (-110) Win +$500
4/19/2018 San Francisco vs Arizona San Francisco +158 Loss -$500
4/19/2018 St. Louis vs Chicago Chicago -102 Win +$500
4/18/2018 Washington vs New York Washington -111 Loss -$555
4/17/2018 Chicago vs Oakland Under 9 (+100) Loss -$500
4/17/2018 Washington vs New York New York -105 Loss -$525
4/16/2018 Cincinnati vs Milwaukee Over 8.5 (-105) Win +$500
4/15/2018 Baltimore vs Boston Over 7 (-105) Loss -$525
4/14/2018 Arizona vs Los Angeles Under 7 (+100) Loss -$500
4/14/2018 Colorado vs Washington Colorado +175 Loss -$500
4/14/2018 Milwaukee vs New York Milwaukee +109 Win +$545
4/13/2018 Pittsburgh vs Miami Pittsburgh -120 Loss -$600
4/13/2018 St. Louis vs Cincinnati St. Louis -152 Win +$500
4/13/2018 Texas vs Houston Over 8.5 (+105) Loss -$500
4/12/2018 Chicago vs Minnesota Under 8.5 (-115) Win +$500
4/12/2018 St. Louis vs Cincinnati St. Louis -135 Win +$500
4/11/2018 Cincinnati vs Philadelphia Cincinnati -102 Loss -$510
4/11/2018 Los Angeles vs Texas Over 10 (-130) Loss -$650
4/11/2018 San Diego vs Colorado San Diego +167 Loss -$500
4/10/2018 Milwaukee vs St. Louis Under 8 (-120) Push +$0
4/10/2018 Tampa Bay vs Chicago Tampa Bay +101 Win +$505
4/10/2018 Toronto vs Baltimore Over 8.5 (-120) Loss -$600
4/9/2018 Arizona vs San Francisco San Francisco +125 Loss -$500
4/9/2018 Tampa Bay vs Chicago Under 8 (-110) Loss -$550
4/8/2018 Arizona vs St. Louis Arizona +136 Win +$680
4/8/2018 Baltimore vs New York Baltimore +183 Win +$915
4/8/2018 Detroit vs Chicago Over 8.5 (-120) Loss -$600
4/8/2018 New York vs Washington Over 8 (-118) Win +$500
4/7/2018 Baltimore vs New York Over 9 (-115) Win +$500
4/7/2018 Kansas City vs Cleveland Over 7.5 (+105) Loss -$500
4/7/2018 Oakland vs Los Angeles Oakland +117 Win +$585
4/7/2018 Seattle vs Minnesota Over 8.5 (+105) Win +$525
4/6/2018 Atlanta vs Colorado Over 10.5 (-110) Win +$500
4/6/2018 Chicago vs Milwaukee Chicago -135 Loss -$675
4/5/2018 Chicago vs Milwaukee Milwaukee +118 Loss -$500
4/5/2018 Detroit vs Chicago Under 9.5 (-110) Loss -$550
4/5/2018 New York vs Washington New York +135 Win +$675
4/4/2018 Baltimore vs Houston Under 8.5 (-110) Win +$500
4/4/2018 St. Louis vs Milwaukee St. Louis -119 Win +$500
4/4/2018 Tampa Bay vs New York Over 7.5 (-110) Win +$500
4/3/2018 Baltimore vs Houston Under 9 (-120) Loss -$600
4/3/2018 Colorado vs San Diego San Diego +108 Win +$540
4/3/2018 Philadelphia vs New York New York -120 Win +$500
4/3/2018 Seattle vs San Francisco Seattle +115 Win +$575
4/2/2018 Chi White Sox vs Toronto Toronto -166 Win +$500
4/2/2018 St. Louis vs Milwaukee Over 9 (-135) Win +$500
4/2/2018 Texas vs Oakland Under 9 (+100) Win +$500
4/1/2018 Los Angeles vs Oakland Los Angeles -119 Win +$500
4/1/2018 Minnesota vs Baltimore Minnesota -104 Win +$500
4/1/2018 St. Louis vs New York St. Louis -155 Win +$500
3/31/2018 Cleveland vs Seattle Cleveland -105 Win +$500
3/31/2018 Colorado vs Arizona Colorado +134 Win +$670
3/30/2018 Houston vs Texas Over 9 (+105) Loss -$500
3/29/2018 Houston vs Texas Over 9.5 (+100) Loss -$500
3/29/2018 San Francisco vs Los Angeles Under 7 (-115) Win +$500
3/29/2018 St. Louis vs New York New York -145 Win +$500

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