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Billy "All In" Depaulo

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Billy "All In" Depaulo verified since 8/22/2011

Billy is unlike most sports handicappers being that he got his early gambling experience through cards not sports. Billy was introduced to sports gambling sometime after high school when he was looking to pick up some extra cash. He and his friends would make trips to Atlantic City where they got in on some action from a well known bookie. As they say, the rest is history. Billy found his calling and now focuses exclusively on NFL and looks to inflate your bankroll this NFL season.
Date Game Line Outcome Money
8/20/2017 New Orleans vs San Diego New Orleans +3.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/20/2017 New Orleans vs San Diego Under 43.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/19/2017 Carolina vs Tennessee Tennessee -3.5 (-105) Win +$500
8/19/2017 Carolina vs Tennessee Over 40 (-110) Win +$500
8/19/2017 Green Bay vs Washington Over 40 (-115) Loss -$575
8/19/2017 New York vs Detroit Detroit -4.5 (-110) Win +$500
8/17/2017 Buffalo vs Philadelphia Philadelphia -3 (-120) Win +$500
8/11/2017 San Francisco vs Kansas City Under 37.5 (-105) Loss -$525
8/10/2017 New Orleans vs Cleveland Over 38 (-110) Loss -$550
8/10/2017 Philadelphia vs Green Bay Green Bay -2.0 (-110) Win +$500

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